François Renaudin sculpts many different materials, wood and stones, also bronze or synthetic resin including pouders. .

His work is the meeting of rough shapes provided by nature and his constant effort in finding pure and minimalistic lines.

His favorite theme is revealing faces or glances in sculptured bodies.

"My work results from the necessity of finding myself in a state of authenticity in front of the mysteries of the life.
With my claim to be in the continuity of Chauvet, Lascaux, from Cyclades and of all these stakes restored by the primitive civilizations of 5 continents.
The Middle Ages and the successive relays, such as Brancusi, Zadkine, Moore....facilitate my work and consolidate me in a contemplative research to expiate the triviality of the everyday life." ( April 1997)

His drawings and woodcuttings are studies for his sculpture, but sometimes it is the opposite wich occurs.

Sculpture: 4 videos 360°. (without DSL : 4min)
Sculpture, some pictured from different angles.
Drawing, engraving.
The workshop

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